Nao Kodaira’s Olympic gold medal is the result of Bujutsu training.


Nao Kodaira, one of the Pyeongchang Olympic participating players.

It is a gold medal, which boasts world-class capabilities, What is the secret of Kodaira’s physical body?

Nao Kodaira before the Pyong Chang Olympics

The fourth round of the 2017 speed skating World Cup Held at Salt Lake. Female 1000 meters and Kohei Nao players I gave a new world of 1: 12: 0 9. Of course it is also a championship as a race. It is the first time for Japanese girls to make world record with individual Olympic events. That is a tremendous achievement. With a fairly good condition, the probability of participating in the Olympics is high.

Kodaira’s seacret of trainning is Bujutsu

Train with Custom Shoes “GETA” on. The lower body is strengthened with special training to keep low center of gravity when skating. This seems to have gained some hint from Japanese old martial arts“Bujutsu”.

Usually the load will be large on the front side of the thigh if it is low center of gravity.

And when you stand up, the burden before your thighs gone.

The squat stands and sits and places a load.
If you are standing normally, you can set it comfortably because the center of gravity is high. This is common to all human beings.


While being a low center of gravity of speed skating, Naodaira Nao should be able to move the leg much more easily than a normal human being.

Although it is low in posture, you can freely adjust your legs as close to the standing state
You can move it.

Looking at the standing Kodaira, it seems like it is hung on something.

The old Japanese did not use tables or beds.
Movements sitting on the floor and standing up strengthened the legs and waist.

Kodaira ‘s Custom shoes“GETA” are those worn by old Japanese people and have the effect of strengthening the legs and waist.

Maintaining posture is difficult if the outer muscles are strained. It can be said that training with a high probability of making inner muscle dominance more advantageous. Furthermore, since Custom shoes“GETA” are unstable, it is only necessary to accurately locate the posture that supports the most efficient weight.

Without using large muscles, maintaining a posture with a relaxed balance adjustment makes it a wonderful training.

I guess that there are few thigh muscles among the skating players.




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